Greetings from the C.L. Hoover Opera House!


What an exciting year it’s been for the Opera House. The Opera House is becoming well-known as a beacon of the cultural arts in this region. In addition, we are welcoming an increase in our use and awareness as a community event venue. Our future is bright.


Have you attended some of the amazing shows at the C.L. Hoover Opera House? Have you thought about supporting this amazing venue, right here in your own community? Don’t put it off another minute - let’s keep a good thing going! This is your invitation to join us as a Friend of the Opera House for the 2021-2022 Season. Your support, right now, is necessary for the upcoming season. 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to support the Opera House. It is our goal to grow our numbers of Friends of the Opera House to 100 members. We recognize all of our donors on both our website and in each of our show’s programs throughout the season. We want to include YOUR NAME!

Our donation levels are:



PRODUCER ($5,000+)


DIRECTOR ($500+)

STAR ($250+)

ACTOR ($100+)


STAGEHAND ($1-$49)


To contribute by check, make out your check to CL Hoover Opera House and send to:


Friends of the Opera House

PO Box 3005

Junction City, KS  66441



We look forward to having YOU on board this season!


Joe and Sheila Markley,


Thank you to our

2021-2022 Friends of the Opera House


Central Charities

Bramlage R2B4 Foundation

Jellison Benevolent Society 

Sue & David Lauseng

Josephine & Ruth Rago 

Eunice Rolfs

Weary Foundation 


PRODUCER ($5,000+)

Crosby Foundation 

Shelia Burdett

Director (500+)

Dotty Blacker

Chris & Randy Heldstab

Ann & Justin Hoover

J. C. Noon Kiwanis

Kollhoff Pharmacy

Helen & John Kovak

LaVeta & Charles Horner

Edie & Michael "MJ" Hoyte JR

Pat & Kelly Landes

Betty & Stan Lewis

Sheila & Joe Markley

Chris & Robert Munson

Lisa & Leon Osbourn

Noel & Judy Park

Calvin & Shari Pottberg

Kay Schmidt

John & Kathy Triplett

Donald Wolf

Janette & Doug Vogelsang

ACTOR (100+)


Leslie & Curtis Blount

Alva Bowyer

Vicky Budinas

Barbara Craft

Michelle & Lance Custer

Sally & Mark Edwards

Paula & Allen Dinkel

Diana Dowling

Lisa Eickholt

Dr. Todd & Sue Frieze

Phyllis & Buck Gibson

LaDonna Junghans

GlenNora Jung

In honor of Pat and Kelly Landes

Karen & Steve Locke

John & Susan Moyer

Janet & Gene Parrish

Mary & Don Rickley

Sheila & Mike Ritchie

Steve & Angie Roesler

Phyllis & Francis Sanders

Rebecca Sandars

Twin Valley Communications

David Walker



Mary Devin 

Reginald & Regina Eggleston 

Hoover-Koken Foundation 

Hampton Inn

Margaret Kilpatrick 

Lisa Deibler-Miller

Nicole Printz

Karen Salyers 

Patti & Gery Schoenrock 

Betty Waters 

John York 

Florence Whitebread

STAR (250+)


Ellie & Ken Dillon

Jackie Burgoon

Sally Jardine

Nellie & Chuck Mowry

Mary Kay Munson

Rick Munson

Kent & Lynn Stuckey

Stuart Workman




Tricia Austin

Peggy Bennett

Alva Bowyer

Linda & Tom Brungardt

Ron Coryell

Vickie Cramer

Janet & Chip Edwards

Phyllis Fitzgerald

Lois & Frank Galiher

Peggy & Terry Heldstab

Collette Matthews

Tom Maurer

Bruce McMillan

Mary Kay Munson

Dr. Teran & Tiffany Naccarato

Carol & Bill Powers

Judy Rosa

Donna Weeks

Zita West

STAGEHAND ($1-$25) 

Allyson Driscoll

Beverly Greenwood

Harold and Susan Jagerson

Robert and Jane Mackey

Richard Mathes

Eunice Polgreen

Alvin and Helen Simpler

Pat Weber

Carolyn Zumbrunnn