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We are proud to offer this brand-new FREE opportunity to the Elementary Schools in the community! A Team of two Theatre Instructors will go into the schools and lead fun and informative workshops! These 60-minute workshops will focus on exercises to help your student learn about theatre while they grow and use their creative minds. Our current workshops we offer are an Improv Workshop (which focuses on trusting instincts, working as a team, and thinking fast), Acting Workshop (which focuses on BIG choices, working as a team, and how to portray a character), Scenic Design Workshop (focuses on all the tech elements of the show-set design, lighting, sound, etc.) and Costuming/Makeup Workshop (focuses on designing the costume and makeup plots for the show and we will even do demonstrations!)

We only have 10 OPEN WORKSHOPS for this semester so have your teachers/educators email for more information or to reserve your spot!

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