The Junction City Arts Council was founded for the purpose of bringing together individuals and organizations interested in the promotion and development of all forms of art and culture in Junction City and Geary County. We continue to pursue this vision. In addition to hosting cultural events to promote the arts and providing a gallery where local artists can display their work, the Junction City Arts Council conducts art classes for adults, preschoolers and older children every week. 





The community band begins its performance season on Memorial Day and plays free concerts each Sunday evening in June.  Members of the community band augment the 1st Infantry Division Band for its annual Holiday Concert at the Opera House.

For more information email jccommband@embarqmail.com



Looking to get on stage? The Junction City Little Theater is the place for you! The JCLT performs 3-4 productions every year at the Opera House, all cast and directed by community members!


And we are always looking for new performers and directors! 




Looking to get on stage? Work behind the scenes? Pursue a hobby? With art and music classes for all ages, community band and theater, special events, and volunteer opportunities, the C.L. Hoover Opera House has something for everyone! Explore below to find out more information about these community organizations.


There's lots of ways to get invloved.

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CL Hoover Opera House

135 W 7th St / PO Box 3005

Junction City, KS  66441

(785) 238-3906

Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday


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