Greetings from the C.L. Hoover Opera House!


It's been a great year at the Opera House and we are excited for the 2017-2018 season!  Besides all of the wonderful shows we have lined up we are going to be celebrating the C.L. Hoover Opera House's 120th year AND the 10th anniversary of the renovations!  


The Opera House has established itself as the center of cultural arts in the region and the community is responding!  Yes, we've done some amazing shows!  Yes, we've reached new audience members! Now, it's time to reach more and do more for our current and future patrons!  Your support, as we get ready to launch our celebatory 120th anniversary is IMPORTANT!  


100" of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to support the Opera House.  We are looking to increase our Friends of the Opera House to 120 members.  One member for every year the Opera House has been a part of this community!


Our donors are recognized on our website and in each of our show's programs throughout the season and we even throw a little party for you before the start of each season!  Throw your name in the hat and become a part of the grand history of the C.L. Hoover Opera House!


PRODUCER ($1,000 +)

DIRECTOR ($500 +)

STAR ($250+)

ACTOR (100+)

We look forward to having YOU on board this season!

Joe and Sheila Markley,




To contribute by check make out your check to C.L. Hoover Opera House

Friends of the Opera House

PO BOX 3005 

Junction City, KS 66441




2017-2017 Friends of The Opera House





Barbara J Craft

Don and Florence Whitebread

Karen Salyers

Samuel and Margaret Kilpatrick

Noel Park














Eldon and Sue Steinfort

Mary Sanders

John and Judy Montgomery

Helen and John Kovac

John and Katy Triplett

Perry and Annette Wiggins

Doug and Janette Vogelslang

Ben Kitchens





Janie Sajo

Chris and Robert Munson

Francis and Phyllis Sanders

Betty Waters

Sally Jardine

Ruth Anne Carlson

Calvin and Shari Pottberg

Chuck and Nellie Mowery

Mark and Avis Ediger

Steve and Angie Roesler

Ruth and Josephine Rago

Christopher Johnson

Charles and Kathy Volland

Linda Roskens





Steve and Karen Locke

Donna Yenser

Jerry and Marlene Smith

Denny and Vivian Jones

Don and Mary Rickley

Moris and Bevery Greenwood

John and Sharon Strain

Nancy Sampson

Roberta Kelly

Andrea Mace

Bruce McMillan

Dan and Carolyn Breci

All and Julia Ferguson

Lois Moon

Jennie Mae Heck

Mike and Sheila Ritchie

Stuart and Ginger Workman

Kay Gatza